Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Text with the ex

I have a secret to tell. I started texting with my ex boyfriend Niclas again,
from now on lets call him Pred to avoid confusion. At first he didn't like the
idea of talking with again, at all. But I guess 2 years of not seeing eachother
and talking together softened him up a bit because after a bit of persuading and
argumentaion he agreed to start talking. We've talked for about 1½ weeks now and
it's going really well! We talk from morning to night with about 30 minuets to
1½ hours between each text. We talk about everyday life, friends, dates, sex and
everything and nothing, it's so reliveing. It's nice but I still feel that
there's some kind of internal cold war between us, comparing how far in our
lives we come, what kind of sexual experience we have etc. He has the power over
the conversation it's easy for me to see and I decided to give it to him, if I
hadn't completely given it to him it would just be a fight over the power, and
frankly I think he earns it. I decided to be honest with him by all means, even
if it means I have to declare that he's defeated me. I know, it sounds really
tense and it is, writing with an ex boyfriend isn't easy, but I like it. I can
be honest with him and he'll listen to me, not try to change my mind on
something or try to make me think about something else, we'll just talk about

Yesterday something changed with Pred and I. We were texting and he had the
power and then all of a sudden he gave me power and we were back with the happy
days, we were equal and we talked about the good old days. No bringing in
unhapy memories or new lovers or anything. Just him and me talking about good
old days we had, and we were both happy. I turn very very happy whenever I
recieve a text from him and my friends have started to wonder. I haven't told
them, I've only told Marie and Oz my roomie. And then Nicklas knows as well (not
my ex, the huy whose my friend and I kind of have a crush on), kind of. I just
recieved a text from Pred and the Nicklas took my cell but I got it back so
quickly he only read "Nic". Nicklas and Oz haven't mentioned it, which is really
nice, of course Nicklas doesn't even know enough to ask but Oz does. (It rhymes
:D). I think telling Marie was kind of a mistake, I don't want her to think that
anything is going to happen between us because I don't know if there is. Also I
don't want my other friends to know, is that weird? I'll tell them when I'm

Baaaah I better get dressed and take a walk. I'm going to Corinne's place this afternoon and Marie will also come. I'm excited, I've never been there before. Bye bye :D - Elk

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