Friday, 4 February 2011

Boys and their jackets

Yummy! How I love boys and their jackets! When I was in love with Froob I'd tease him by taking his sweater and running around with it. I loved the way it smelled like him and I felt like he was around me and hugged me all the time. Today we had shows in drama, I was to be man so I borrowed Nicklas' jacket. I'm tellin' ya! I wore that jacket all day and I loved it. It smelled so much like him and it's biig and cuddly. Jesus I could just marry that jacket. Anyway, about the sweater I took from Froob, he got so used to that I had it he'd even let me take it home. It was mine for weeks and weeks. My mother (of all people???) got tired of it and bought me the same shirt. That was no fun! The whole deal was that it was his and I had it. :(
Wow I'm really tired, we had performances today in school which makes the end of our drama-project week. I'm so relived that it's over and we're going back to "normal" school which unfortunately also means a lot of new assigments to turn in. I'm going to my friends birthday this weekend so today I'll stay at school and sleep and play sims with Nicklas and on saturday I'll take the bus out to my friends and have a partyyy :) I'm looking SO much forward to seeing the girls, talk, chill and gossip. YUMMY! I only have one problem, what on earth will I get for her??? I so much want to get her something personal but, whaaaaat? :s
I'm sitting in the TV room wight now, I really like watching TV down here, I do it like once every second month or less, I know it sounds extreme and it is because at home I watch TV for something that looks like 24 hours a day, that's also why I love watching it down her, it makes it more speciel and cosy. Moving in at a boarding school can really change your life, how I love it! Well, I'm gonna slide now. BYYYE!

- Elk

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