Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blog challenge day 5 and complaints

Hia so first I'll start out with the challenge for today which is:
Post a website you use regularly.

So, I know I blog in english but the choices of websites was between facebook, youtube and this. I chose the danish website which is a book-site. It's the site I'm connected to, reviewing books so. I like it :D

And now for sonething all different. Complaints!

Sometimes it beats me how pessimistic people are. They're acting like it's the end of their lifes and they've experienced nothing but sorrow. Rejecting to relive happy memories or always having the most critical view of the world. It's obvious why we continue to swellin unhappiness if we deny ourselves joy. I've decided to shut my ears and keep my happy thoughts to myself. I though that inner beauty blossomed from having a happy spirit, but trying to develop into a happy spirit I've found myself being shot down even more than when I was sad and shot myself down. I ask myself if these people are just specific unfortunate cases who just happens to be my friends or if everyone I know are just deep black holes. By denying to discuss with them in their sad, depressed discussions they see me as pessimistic and I don't bother to argue with them. I guess it's one of those save yourself situations. If I can keep my bright and optimistic mind, to hell with them. I don't deny that there's a darker side to life, and for most people that's what affects thme more than brightness, but I always choose to see the brigther side and not go down. 'Cause when your down it's so hard to get up and if ypu then go further down…
Sometimes I just can't stand being in a pessimistic enviroment like that. But they're getting to me, and being the only clinging on to happieness alone is just as depressing as being down in that hole. Nothing's wrong with being naive as long as it's somethign you s´choose and still see that there's a dark side.

Today's statement: People are way too pessimistic, and yes I know that's stereotyping.

- Elk

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