Saturday, 26 March 2011

Blog challenge day 11

Today's challenge:
Post a video on youtube you particularly like.

Uhmm... To be honest I don't know, because there are so many different genres on YT. Game reviews, funny randomness, viral videos, vlogs, gurus talking, music and so on. I simply just odon't know.

It's already 1pm :'( I have to wrie my science report today, i's due to monday. I really hate science! I don't get it and whenever I really try I just wind up in some black science hole where nothing makes sense anymore and I regret spending so much time on it and giving so much effort. Since I changed class and got a new teacher in science I went from having the grade C to E. C TO E!!!?! I have no idea why, oh yeah - I don't give a shit. I am so relived that we only have to more science assigments to turn in, this one and the next. AND THEN I'LL NEVER HAVE TO DO A SCIENCE ASSINGMENT AGAIN - IN MY LIFE!! I am soooooooo relived! I feel like I can see the light and I can see the REAL LIFE behind all this school crap. Sooo tiiiired oooof iiit!

Anyway, I've just finished reading three books and at the moment I'm just a reading machine! Which of course reminds me that I've stopped writing myself, on my own stories.. Baaad me. I'll have to start again. I also have to buy clothes, my clothes is more holes than it's fabric. Shit fuck crap.. I have so many things to do and yet I spend all day doing nothing :D oh well, gotta go do soemthing.. Which means talking to my mother ad just enjoying her company xD byyye

- Elk

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