Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog challenge day 6

Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of yourself from 2007.

Oh my gooosh. I can't belive it, that cute little blue eyed blond girl is meee! I absolutely ADORE these pictures of myself and I wonder, how can I, I!?!? Be so pretty without having my eyebrows plucked or any make up on? When I see these pictures I truly understand what people mean when they talk about Scandinavian girls! I hope I'll have pretty children :D and I'm going to grow out my hair again, and I think I'll get it blonde again, not dye it but just let it grow out. (I'm also tired of having to dye it red all the time)

I'm waiting for my roommate, belive it or not I want to go run xD I really wanna get healthier which also is pretty important considering I want to donate both my blood and organs. We played volleyball in PE today, it was actually really fun!

- Elk

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