Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blog challenge day 2

Today's challenge:
Post the reason why you named your blog what you named it.

Okay so blog URL is, and it's xx because either Elk was simply taken or it wasn't enough letters. And Elk is my alias. People often ask me WHY it's that and I simply don't know. I think it sounds cool and I made it up when I was a child and no one ever gave me another alias so I just branded myself as Elk ^^,

The name of blog Word! Blog by Elk is because I don't really know what to call it xD I just have a lot of random crap to let out to the world so it's just woooooords and well, it's by me, Elk :b

I'm sitting next to a cake and I can't eat until it's turnes 20.00pm xS it doesn't look too delicious but I want it so baaad! I'm looking so much forward to TOMORROW! I might as well just say it, Pred's coming. And staying the night :D
We're going to go out for dinner, I'll show him around and we'll get a drink during the evening. It's going to be so much FUUUUN! But no one can know because saying "yeeah and so I hung out with my ex boyfriend" just sounds wroooong. And I don't want people to think anything because I still don't know what's going to happen or what I feel yet.

I bought some awesome shoes today in the second hadn store when I was looking for shirts.

I like them so much they're really cute and classy and I'm going to wear them tomorrow. Anyway, I've got to run!

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