Friday, 1 April 2011


The shortening 'WoW' to most of you that probably means World of Warcraft but yesterday that term made a whole new meaning to me. 'Wave of Weed', some time ago two people got kicked out because of weed and a warning was sent out - ZERO TOLERANCE CONCERNING WEED -. The day before yesterday three people got kicked out and yesterday four more got kicked out because of weed. Specifically three from my class and one fro the house I live in. And today furthermore three will be tested and quite possibly be tested positive. The thing is that they can see it in your system for three months and what worries me is that two months ago my old roommate Charlotte and her friend decided to get stoned and now I'm worried she'll get the kick as well. She's already in great danger of getting kicked out.

I'm in chok, I don't know whether to be happy because some people I dislike have gotten kicked out or to be sad because it IS sad. I just think it's a tragic reason, one stupid joint and this entire school year for them has been a waste. They can't take any exams and all the time they've spend in school they have to go through again on another school.

Today when I was walking to lunch I saw one of the guys who got kicked out with his dad at the car oacking his things into it. He looked sad and people were flokking around him. It's sad, it's just sad. I've heard that they've busted another one today after the testing. People were talking, low voiced, melancholic, hugging him goodbye. It's tragic. And now they've also started testing the day-students as well. It's so depressing really! Everyody's talking about it, some are sad and some are angry, angry at the people who smoked it. At the boardingschool we're going to have a meeting about the rules at the school, what we may and may not do. It's funny how it effects everyone at the school, even the ones who hasn't got anything to do with it or who aren't even friends with any of the ones who smoked it.

What's worst is that no one except the students here has said anything. There has been no official statement from the teachers or the principal of the school.Not even a bullentin on the school's website or a letter tor the parents asking them to talk to their chrildren. We only know what we hear from others and it's not fair! It's us who it's concerning.

Later on the evening two teahcers did actually did come around and explain situation to us, so that was nice. Anyway, it's weekend, the sun is shining, I don't really know what to do xD I have a book review to write, some assigments I figured I might just do this weekend and not later, watch Bones, play the sims and read. Sound like a very likeable chill weekend :) and by the way, I just want to say that I'm not skipping or missing any days in the blog challenge, I just decided to spread it out a little.

- Elk

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