Thursday, 28 April 2011


HIA GUYS! The next blog challenge will be up soon, it's just that the next challenge is "post what movie you last saw" and.. I don't remember xD
Anywaay.. At the moment I'm sitting and working on a letter/speech for my friend's bar mitzvah. I just don't know whether to make a speech or a letter yet, I'm kind of worried that my speech (in that case) would be too personal or like, "you had to be there"ish, which would suck. So now I'm thinking, letter. Handwritten or computer? I don't. Computer would defiantly be easier to read! xD So far I bought her a perfume and I still have money to spend, but what to buy!?!

So I'm back from holiday, back to school. It's really nice to hang out with the friends again but also really annoying because I kinda want to be alone a little and I hang out with friends CONSTANTLY! It's driving me nuts! :s
Before the holiday we turned in a bigger assignment, we got it back yesterday and my group got 00, 02 is passed... Also I just got back my spanish assignment I got 4 (out of 12) which annoys me! Because, I get 12 on other assignments in spanish when it's just translating the sentence, but I always SUCK when we have to make our own sentences.. And really, I understand SO much in spanish, I love having spanish, it's like candy!

Actually I'm on my way to the tanning salon with my friends. I go turn read like a shrimp! So no fake lighty stuff for me, no! But I'm going to go with her, entertain her and laugh at her because she's going to be lit up by fake light, TEEHEE!
I found out that I'm missing my black eyeliner which pisses me off because it's my super-duper awesome quite expensive one.. I'll have to get a new one, including a eyeprimer so I can wear all my fabulous eyeshadows every day!

- Elk

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