Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hia. So, I'm against that almost All cool gadgets and apps are for Apple products only, but at the moment I'm blogging from my friends iPad and I really do love this thing! I like the idea of it, it's larver than a smartphone and smaller than a netbook, perfect for surfing the web and blogging I guess :)
Today has been pretty chilled, I almost finished reading a book I got for review. (I hate autocrrect, it's a bitch)
Lenny and I watched Mean Girls 2 and now we're watching Mean Girls the ORIGINAL and the best!
(I take the whole "good for blogging back, this thing is a bitch, I'm gonna stick to computers!)

I'm soo tired, I haven't written my science assignment even though it's the last one and had to be turned in earlier this morning and I haven't send my biology assignment even though we've already wrote it in the class xD
I plan on going home this weekend, I wish for good weather so I can lay outside, read and enjoy the sun, which reminds that I should probably call them and tell them

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