Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fried brains

Hia. I'm thinking about going into fast tomorrow. I read a lot about it online and as long as you're prepared and don't do it more than 2 days it shouldn't be dangerous and kind of healthy. But I'll only do it if I get some school assignments done today because I don't know how it'll effect me.

We went to the theater yesterday with school and watched "Endgame" by Samuel Beckett. That was weeeeeird! I know that it's because it's absurd theater but I just felt so drained afterwards. It's just so focused and tough both to act out and watch. Anyway, we came home at about 11.30pm which isn't so late compared to when I usually go to bed, but I had been up, out and active and that just makes me SOOOO tired! And today we had school from 8am to 4pm AND I have an assignment for tomorrow, uuugh.. And two for Thursday, so either I make two today and one tomorrow or vice versa. I am soooo tired. Society and school is very odd. We get taught about all kinds of craaaaaaaaaap, why? We don't know! We just know that we have to it to move forward in life instead of getting taught in all the things we LOOVE LOOVE LOOOOVE!

I'm really fried atm, I need a break before I try to write any school assignment at all! I just want to say that I haven't done any blog challenges for some time now because they next challenge is a picture of myself from today and I am really choosy and picky about pictures of myself, at least if I'm the one who posts them xD so, hold on for that. It'll come... Sometime :D I just found out that I lost my Haus of Gaga shirt which pisses me off because it's such a long time I have NO idea where it is! xD I'll have to try to look for it.

I've been watching some music videos lately and, excuse but am I the only one who loves how Kesha looks in "We r who we r"?

Those looks they're just so crazy and awesome! Also I'm loving..

Woow, I looove her as the skeleton! And by the way do you guys have ANY idea of how hard it is to take video stills of youtube? HARD!

- Elk

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