Thursday, 14 April 2011

Whipped cream

I used to think there was just one way to make whipped cream.

You'll need: a bowl, cream and a hand-mixer (electric preferably).

Step #1; Open the cream and poor it into the bowl

Step #2; Mix it until it's well.. Whipped creeeeeeam, that wasn't so hard was it?

But I learned today that apparently it's not so easy. There are a lot of things you have to consider, etc. what kind of consistence do you want? And please! Beware, don't overdo it and PLEASE make sure it doesn't turn to butter! And no no, that wasn't all, there's more. When I whip it I usually just hit full speed on the hand-mixer and stop when I'm satisfied but no.. Wrong, again, you have to go medium, mix, go loooow on the speed, mix, medium again and continue 'till your done.

I'm not trying to insult the ones who whips whipped cream this was I just think it's really funny because it just shows how different we are, how we care about different right out to the tiny details! For instance, I would never NEVER not use a topcoat on my nails ;) which by the way leads to a little advertise.

I'm starting up a blog which is really just pictures of different, not too complicated, nail designs for inspiration. Well here's the link , feel free to check it out.

I got stuck in my blog challenge because the next one is "post a picture of yourself from today" blaah blaah. Actually I don't really care about what type of pictures are posted of me online, but when I'M the one posting them they're always good pictures in great lighting with awesome make up and fantastic editing ;) but just to proof that I'm not that self-conscious about pictures of myself, here's the proof.

All these pictures are on facebook with my tag on 'em, I'm just saying, taking yourself so serious isn't fun. Gotta run, roomie talk time :D

- Elk

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