Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blog challenge day 16

Hey'yaaaall!! I know you've beeen dying to see this, so here we go!
Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of yourself from today.

Don't I just look soo sexy in my uniform? This is the uniform from my work becaaaaause, I'm going to work today :b
After that I'm gonna pick up Thea at the station and she's going to spend the night here :D:D:D it's seriously like three years since we've seen eachother and we're going to talk SO much!! I simply just can't wait!

By the way, I was tired of my hair being to .. UUUUGH! So I gave it a hairmask, I washed with shampoo and then I gave it conditioner, I blow dried the tips, massaged peanut oil into the tips, let it sit for 15 minuets, washed it out with shampoo again, blow dried it and now... WOW! My hair is SO soft and really niiice :D I'm actually going to the salon in this week. I've been flirting with the idea of getting it cut now for a long long time, I wanna get an undercut or sidecut (haven't decided yet) but I wanna get it a a hairdresser who's really good! So when I get my hair cut this week, I'll not geth the under/sidecut but! I wall post a picture sooo :D wait up for that ^^,
Oh well, I think I'd better run. BYE!

- Elk

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