Thursday, 4 October 2012

Project Hair: Introduction

Hi guys. Tomorrow at 2:00PM "project hair" will kick off. What is project hair? Well basically it's a born-again project for my hair. As it is, my hair is dry, dull, weird-coloured and just... Blurh
So project hair is my little project to get some life to my locks! Over the past couple of months I've been gathering delicious hair products all to be used from TOMORROW where I'm getting a haircut to set the project off. I'll get it cut, dyed and highlighted. From then on it's my loving care that hopefully will bring a better time on for my hair.

Project hair will include pictures from before and after my haircut, hair-care hauls, hair care routines, hopefully pictures of some hairstyles etc.The project won't last for a certain period of time or posts, just until I feel like my hair-care has become a routine and not something I'm practicing anymore :)

Look forward to it if you like... Hair... Or... Something along those lines, I'm super excited that's for sure!
 - Elk

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