Sunday, 14 November 2010

I was youg

Hiaa. So I've been watching this drama show that's running on danish TV currently, and it's about politics. (uuh)
Anyway, this politician said that she was going to kidnap some other politicians children on a recording and then this recording turns up and one of her defending arguments is that "she was young". That make me think! Because I've noticed that actually alot of public people (especially politicians) use that argument. "I was young" BAM, forgiven! What the freak is up with that? I'm just asking! Because if you think about it, you can keep using that excuse throughout life! When you 15 you can say "hey yeah, you know that thing I did to you 2 years ago? I was young". When you 45, you can say that you were young and dumb, and when you're 80 you can say, "oooh yes I was so young and naive" etc.

And frankly, I don't want to use that excuse for everything I did and ment when I was young. You know? It's like saying "heey yeah, all that stupid shit I did the past years - I was yooooung and tomorrow I can use that same excuse for what I just said now, HA!". It's like saying that when you were young you didn't think ANYTHING or mean ANYTHING, but of course you were, that's probably the reason why you did it!

Hmm, just stray thoughts. See ya! xoxo Elk

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