Monday, 22 November 2010

Real friend

Do you know, when you meet someone new and you become friends. You feel like you've known them forever, and you can't imagine your life without them. I KNOW that I've felt that alot of times, but this year that feeling makes an entirely new sense to me.

When I was younger, only a year ago I was sad. Sad, because I only had friends older than me or younger. I know that it isn't a bad thing, but I always just wished for a friend who'd be my age, who'd want the same things as I, and who'd be my best friend.

I think that it's about 4 months since school started after the summer holiday, and this year I've made a new friend. Even though she's a couple of years older than me, she's in my class. I sit next to her, and she is the greatest friend ever! I really do feel so lucky! She's kind, generous, creative just.. Awesome! And when I act all antension-craving and ms. fun girl all day, she doesn't get tired with me. It's really like God sent me this true friend. So thanks! I'm really grateful for my friend!

By the way, what are you giving you're parents for christmas? I'm soooooo blank!!
xoxo Elk

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