Friday, 26 November 2010

Fuck that, I'll get me my own presents!

Hiaa. So I received my new sims games today in the mail (I was sooo thrilled!) anyway. I had originally planned on wishing them for christmas, but then I got my pay. When I get my paycheck it means either "don't spend any money at all" or "spend it all at ones". (I'm not very good with the money thing), so I chose to spend them all on new games. My point was, that I chose to spend my money on buying those games so close to christmas when I could have just wished them as a present. I just find it really hard, all that present stuff! Last year at christmas, I literally used over HALF of my present-buying-budget on buying gifts... For... My... Self...

Seriously! It's so hard to figure out what people want for christmas or birthdays and it's so easy to know what yourself want! So why do we even have the whole-give-presents-to-other-people-when-you-have-no-freakin'-idea-of-what-they-want tradition? I'm always nervous that I'll get the wrong thing, so I just get alot small crap and hope that they like at least one of them.

Giving money "It's so non-personal" my ass. Isn't it better to get some money so you can buy the things you REALLY want instead of some junk you don't want? Oh well. That was really hypocritical of me to say because I don't give money. I just give junk.. Like everyone else, so I guess it's OK? It's really sad because there are that ONE TIME in a decade where you get a really awesome present idea and the receiver just loves it! But as I said, that happens in something that looks like once a decade.

- xoxo Elk

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