Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Don't pose on the pictures!

Hiaa. So what is it with guys posing on pictures? I mean, it's OK with girls, because we usually do that because we're all opssesed about our looks, but guys? Because they always try to act all cool and tough when they pose and they always just end up looking like idiots!

se this guy? He's all like, "hey dude, I just ruined my fucking car and now I'm making a weird face". Geez, who even takes pictures of that? Except the forensics.

And then there's this guy, he's sooo cool. *noot* holding his hand on his chest, wtf is up with that??

Now, there's this last picture I really want to show you! But, it's just that is my boyfriend so I reaaaaally don't think I can do that. But, it's really ridicoulus. God.. Seriously, I'm ashamed sometimes. *siigh* anyways, have got to go do.. Nothing... At all, actually. So, BYYE! Notice!: 1st of december tomorrow, I am so excited to present my christmas surprise to my roomie, I hope she'll be happy!

xoxo Elk

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