Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nails: Back to school nails 2012

Hey guys, you excited for school? I sure am, and I'm so lucky I already started school last Monday. So here are my school nails for 2012, a little simple maybe but it's really not easy to think of a design for school nails no one has done before.

So here's my best best bid. The idea is that your nails are the blackboard and then someone drew a doodle, someone's doing maths, and apple for the teacher and on my left ring finger I figured that someone had art-class ;)

Anyways, I moved in last Sunday, and I'll make a room-tour post when my room is broken in properly, if you've ever moved you know that the way you decorate right when you arrive often changes into something more natural to you. But what I can show you is my new view, the other years my view was starring right into a yellow brick wall, OK for me but a bit sad.

I fell pretty lucky when you take into account that people pay a great deal of extra money for a view to a lake, the sea etc. Imagine how beautiful this will be year around, green in the summertime (now), orange and golden i autumn, pearly white in winter and blossoming in spring.

What are you doing this year, school, work or something else?

 - Elk

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