Sunday, 9 December 2012

Haul: Candles from IKEA

Hey guys. In Denmark we don't have any Bath and Bodyworks and no Yankee Candles. :(
But what we do have, is many wonderful supermarkets which sell scented candles from time to time, but not any they ALWAYS carry. What we DO have in Denmark which we can be absolutely certain always can satisfy our candle-cravnings is IKEA. (Thank you sisters and brothers in Sweden for inventing IKEA!)
Today my friend and I went to IKEA to get the last thing for my room here at school, anticipate a room-tour soon, and stock up on candles! Also, what better time for candles than Christmas? ;) Here is what I got:

Dessért scented (love that sweet Swedish sugared cinnamon roll one!), leaves, cherries and figs.
Not exactly sure what scent this is, jasmine maybe? I have no idea, but the smell fabulous and they cost  6 cronors, that's like a DOLLAR!
Apple and cinnamon (a real winter scent!), vanilla ice cream, topical fruit and green apples.
Strawberry and 2 x creamy lemon.
I also bought this notebook. I didn't even know IKEA made notebooks? They sell so much weird stuff...
Having a good time? Feeling dat jolleeeeeh?
This year I' so happy, we got snow already on the 2nd of December. Usually we don't get snow 'till January or February.

 - Elk

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