Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas 2012: Accented nails for the holiday

Ho ho ho and merry 1st of December! Did you know that in Denmark we say the date and then the month? So today would be the 1/12 - 12 - COOL BEANS! But hey, I bet you knew that 'cause you're so smart!
Well, as a merry 1st of December present I give to you a nail design that I have been loving through fall and will carry on wearing this Christmas. (In between all my fun other nail-looks). This is very easy, and really you can wear however you want it in whatever you colours you like. ;)

(Sorry about the top right picture, had to snap it with my phone)
Basically, what you do is grab a sheer pearlescent (is that spelled right) nailpolish and paint all the nails except the ring-finger with it for however many coats you like, I like it to be almost opaque and then paint the ring-finger with a delicious glitter. My personal favorites are the two bottom ones, very Christmassy!

Merry happy!
 - Elk

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