Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas 2012: Classic green, gold and red makeup

 Hello guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today I bring you a very classic green and gold Christmas look. I am truly sorry that I haven't nearly posted any Christmas posts this year but it's because currently we've got whats called and SRP assignment on 15 - 20 paged to write for school and basically you write in two subject, for me that english and history, and the school gives you two weeks free from school to do this. It counts as an exam and the grade weighs double on your average. It totally sucks that they put the assignment in December, it is truly the lost December that none of us will ever get back. But, to the look!:

Oh my lord, it's so obvious that I hadn't brushed my hair :D

 Close-ups of eyes and lips. On the lips I went with a light cherry red and dusted some orange/gold pigment in the middle of my lips - it completely changed the look and made it all look more tied together.
For the rest of my Christmas posts I plan on some Christmas nail designs (already got two in stock for ya), a post where I show you some Christmas pampering products of mine and one where I show you some of my Christmas decor.

 - Hohoho, Elk


  1. Really really love your makeup here! You're so pretty!


  2. Well thank you so much! I hope this makeup look inspired you :)