Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mood-board Inspiration: Edgy Pink

Hello you fellow beauty lovers!
Like any designer and any fashion-house, I too have a "mood-board". Well, it's a mood-wall to be specific, but that doesn't matter. On my mood-board I hang pictures of makeup, nail polishes, perfumes, clothes, accessories  makeup looks etc that I've cut out of fashion magazines and such. This is the first post of my new series, "Mood-board Inspiration:" where I'll take a certain point on the board and create some sort of makeup look, nail look or something else.
This look really originates from my fall-mood board, but I prefer this edgy look for new years.

In my newest magazine, they had a "pink for fall" theme which I to be honest, highly disagreed on - until.. I saw this wonderful edgy look that combines a darker look and tone on the makeup while letting it stand out with the use of pink. But I still prefer this for new years.

 My re-creation wasn't as dramatic with the very graphic line on the original picture. I suppose that I turned it into something more wearable.
Also, I allowed myself to combine it with a very bright pink which is (to me at least  a very summery colour, but for a sparkling new years eve party, it's perfect :)

What will you be wearing for new years eve?

 - Elk

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