Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My new year nails 2012

Hi guys! I am deeply sorry for the lack of fun Christmas posts this year, I had so so so many planned but I was writing a big assignment for school which counts as an exam, therefor I have been swamped this past December. I do actually have some Christmas nail designs which I didn't post in 2012, so I'll save them for December 2013.
But, lets talk about new years even though that was two days ago now ;)
I am home on Christmas break and I've only got 3 nail-polishes home with me, they are my Christmas presents for myself. I then watched Winterrose84's (YouTube) nail tutorial:

 - and thought, hey! What a great, easy design to do when I want to use all my colours and make something fun but still very easy.
So this is what I ended up with, you can also see the polishes in question. (I got the Essie polishes 60% off!! Great price in DK considering the cost double of which the cost in the US)

You can also see some of my mum's Christmas decoration and my very personal Christmas ornament to put on the tree, my holly Empire State Building thing :D

Very very happy new year to everyone!
 - Elk

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