Thursday, 24 January 2013

Empties #1

Hi guys. I'm gonna show you my emptiiiiies now :D I'm not going to do my empties in any particular time frame, like over or month so. I'll just do them when I feel like I have enough empties for a post. So this time I had alot of empties, simply because I was too lazy to make this post in time so I just kept collecting. Anyway, less talk, more empties and mini-reviews!

 First off, this is my Body Smoothies bodywash from Allison. I completely loved this, this came in 4 different scents and I bought them all because I really like them! But hey, what's there to say about bodywash? This is just really nice and lasted me a long time.

 So here we have some deodorants, hooooow interesting. Uhmm, the one on the left is the Adidas Action 3 or.. Whatever, this says a hundred different things on the front so I'm not certain about the name. Anyway, I didn't like the scent of this, too strong and it lasted a considerably shorter time than other of my roll-on deos. To the right, Kult cotton dry. This was very nice, nothing more to say about that, I'd probably repurchase if I needed a cheap deodorant.

 Kyrell Hair Milk, I used this on my wet hair before blowdrying (not as a heat-protectant). I loves this stuff! I felt like it gave me a some goodness to my hair, it didn't make it FEEL special but I felt like it worked from the inside ;)

 From right to left: Colgate multi protection mouthwash. By the way, NO the blue stuff in the bottle is not the mouthwash, it's leftover shampoo because I used for travel-bottle. Obviously this is a travel size, and thank goodness for that! I despised this, so far I've only ever tried one mouthwash that I like. Next is a Pro white system 2 shades whiter toothpaste from Denivit. I felt like this did work, but you'd have to use it every single day (I like to switch it up) and brush for a really long time and it only made a slight difference. Last but not least - DANG I DESPISE THIS TOOTHPASTE! It's Colgate Max White, just some travel-sizes I bought. First of all, these didn't do any whitening at all - AT ALL! Second of all, the have a weird texture and the foam like crazy and the foam is really stiff and just, ugh!

 My heart broke when this was empty :'( It's the Wash Scrub Mask from Garnier, this was amazing! It's a really good mask, a good scrub in the shower and you can use if for everyday if you want to as well. I have acne and oily skin and this always made my skin feel FAB! I'll definitely repurchase.

 First of all, two little leftovers of hand-soap. An olive and mint one, the olive was so boring, didn't smell like anything, didn't do any olive-goodness and just, naaaah. Then there's a little sample size of creme for seriously dry skin! I used this at the corner of my mouth where I always break each winter and I used it under my nose when I have colds and blow my nose all the time. Lastly I have this fun Sprite Lip Smacker which seems fun enough, but... I don't feel like it hydrates through, it leaves a nasty ass residue on the lips, I know this because I used this at night and in the morning would have to wipe the residue off my lips and LASTLY!! It is white.. Legit, white and on the lips it's white as well.. It looks like you put white cream on your lips - EEW!

 Now for some cosmetics. To the left, ELF liquid eyeshadow in... Satin something? Anyways - hate it. Not. Woth. The. Money. It looked horrible on my lids, it was streaky, you couldn't really blend it, it was super sheer and if you applied a second coat it would bubble up and when you touched it would flake off like little scales. So I though to myself, can it really be so bad? So I tried to use it later (before this I has tried it 2 - 3 times) and quess what. It had dried in - completely. Now, Revlon colorstay liquid liner. Super nice, I had it in black brown (but it looked black), nice matte finish and long lasting. When you use it for the first time, make sure to shake up REALLY well though. And last but not least, Quick dry topcoat from Jordana. I didn't like this. The brush is small-ish and no very user-friendly, the topcoat is really strong and smeared my designs and I didn't notice that it was particularly quick drying.

 To the left, Wet 'n Wild Mega lash mascara, very nice. Not the best, but not bad at all. I did get some weird clumps or crumbs sometimes but it wasn't bad. Next, Prestige my BIGGEST lashes, I really didn't like it! The brush to too big and bulky, it didn't get all my lashes covered and it dried up rather quickly. Lastly, Maybeline's Lash Stilletto mascara. Very nice lengthening mascara, worth buying.

 Left: Wet 'n Wild Volume gloss. I don't remember the colour of this, but it was nice and sweet pink. However, this stank STANK like apricots (I'm not so keen on apricots) and it stank like cloves, and oranges.. It smelled very Christmaslike.. So, if you dig the smell, this was a very nice sheer pink gloss, felt good on the lips. To the right: ELF Hypershine Lipgloss in... Vixen? A watermelony colour anyway.. Thank the lord this was just a little twist up because I hated it! It smells weird, it feels weird and plastic like on the lips, it didn't look very nice colour or shine wise and it always gathered on the inside of the lip - DISGUSTING! It's a wonder I even used this up.

 Left: VisionsV Natural retouch concealer. It was OK, but nothing to get overly excited about. It was however nice for undereye circles which I feel like stick concealers can easily be too heavy for. In the middle: ELF tone correcting concealer, this was.. I don't know, I didn't feel like it concealed alot, didn't really make a difference in the undereye area and it got empty fast. To the right, this is a lipstick from Nilens Jord which is a danish brand. This was a beautiful bronze glittery smooth lipstick that looked like lipgloss! Yum! I will repurchase this, amazing! It's a pricier brand, but this was so worth it.

I have so many perfumes I rarely use them up, but I loved this one so much. It's the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume, the original one. I do have the Green Tea Lotus in a 100ml bottle, but the original is the best in my opinion. It's so fresh, you can't help but to love it.

So, these were my empties. I'm sorry of some of my reviews were too long but lacked information, it's a long time since I used these products up, I just put of making the post forever. Hope you liked this, I personally love watching empties so that's why I made this for you :D By the way, I came home from London on Sunday and today is Thursday. I bought so much stuff (I'm ashamed) and I will do a haul very soon. (It'll be my next post)

- Elk

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