Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review: Collection 2000 Colour Intense Trio

Hi guys. Today's post is a review of two of the Collection 2000 Colour Intense Trios. Lets get started -

The first one I'll be reviewing is in the colour 11 Mocha Choc. I featured this on my blog before where I used it in a MOTD.

Pros +:
  • The trios are small, compact and has all the colours you'll need for a look, ergo this is very neat for travelling.
  • With the trio you can create a warm neutral look.
  • The colours swatch nicely.

Cons -:
  • The colours aren't opaque on the eyes.  - Even when I packed the colours onto my lid with a foundation underneath to create a sticky base, all the colours kind of meddle together an create a glittery look but you're unable to sort the different distinctive colours apart. I was most sad about the brown which swatches so nicely on the hand, but doesn't come out AT ALL on the lid even though I PACKED it on the crease. Also I'm disappointed by the pink which doesn't come out as pink on the lid.
  • The shadows are dry and flaky, mainly the pink and brown.
  • When using this I'd had problems with fallout while applying.
  • The staying power isn't the best. It kind of fades out.

All in all, I'm not impressed by this trio, I'm also sad that they didn't add a matte shadow because it all becomes very glittery and shiny.

The next review is in the colour 10 Earthbound.

Pros +:
  • Small, compact, good for travelling.
  • You can create a neautral very "earthy" look.
  • The colours are more opaque on the lids than 11 Mocha Choc.
  • The shadows are semi-matte therefore you don't need to add a matte in for the shine not to become too overwhelming.
  • The shadows are nice and creamy.

  • The bronze colour is pretty faint, again I PACKED this colour onto the middle of my lid and it doesn't really show up.
  • I experienced some fallout when applying this even though I tapped of the excess.
  • The shadows fade out during the day.

All in all I prefer this trio over 11 Mocha Choc and for the price it's reasonable, but I wouldn't recommend this because there are other better trios out there for the same price. I'm not SAD that I bought this, I find this to be OK, I'm just saying that there are better ones out there. By the way, this Friday I am going to London with my friend which was her birthday present for me so get ready for some London hauling pretty soon! I've saved up an amount of money which is highly shameful to spend all on one weekend - but hey ;)

I hope you found this review helpful and have an awesome day!

 - Elk

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