Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beauti-fall: Intense going out look!

Hey guys. Yesterday I was bored, so I decided to play around with some loose pigments my friend gave me and I hadn't had a chance to use yet. This is what happened:

Not edited (other than cropped). The yellow lighting from my lamp washed out the intensity of the eyeshadow, but it softened up the skin, made it glowy and made the blush stand out.
Not edited (only cropped).  Here it's only the white light from my blitz that lightens up. It toned down the cheeks and enhanced the eyes - one can never win with electric light. (Yes this is a different lip colour)
Edited, just because I couldn't help myself ;)
This look is very intense, both on the eyes and cheeks. Put on your favorite party dress and be prepared for a night out! This look is definitely what I'll be wearing next time I go out.. Or just want to freak someone out ;)

 - Elk

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