Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hi, I'm co-dependent!

Hey ya'll.
So, sonday night. Been sitting with my friend watching a movie and when I came back to my room I saw that my friend had texted me and rang me, twice. It's cool, I mean we haven't talked for some time. So I write to him over skype. I'm like "hey" and he's all like "OMG HIIIII! I MISSED YOOOOU!" and you know it's just. Am I being non-humane when I just start running away from him when he does that? Because REALLY my friend, I hate it! It's like saying "Oh hi! I'm co-dependent, can I please cling on you and be clingy for the rest of my life?". And you know what he says then, "you seem so cold." - YES I'M COLD! Uuuugh HAZARD, ALERT, CAUTION AAAARGH! Just, cling off me! I like you, I wanna be your friend but not your MOTHER! Anybody know this situation?

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