Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Good mornin'

Soooo. This morning I was planning on going to breakfast at 7am, but I was kind of lazy and snoozed until 7:30am, and just when I was on my way I heard my friend go into the bathroom. Fine I thought, I'll just snooze for another 10 minuets. Instead my roomie spend 20 minuets in the bathroom, and I couldn't get dressed or anything because I had to pee like crazy. When she'd finally left the bathroom, I rushed out there and did my business and washed my face. Then I went into my room, and I had just gotten my clothes on when my roomie knocked on my door and asked if we should go. I said no, in a bitter tone, I wasn't done, she asked if she should wait for 5 minuets. I told her no, it would take longer. She then left and I got done and ready to go to breakfast. On my way I passed two of my friends, they were all morning fresh and all like "Goodmorniiiing" in that I'm-more-fresh-than-you-haha. The first one I just said morning too, the other one I said goodmorning, but really wanted to stop and explain her why I came now and not earlier.

So, I get to breakfast and my two friends are still there so I'm really ready for having a really nice and relaxed breakfast. I went up to the buffet, got my food and sat down next to them, THEN THEY FREEAKING LEAVE! Geeeez it just pissed me off! Oh well..

I have classes 'till 4pm I hate it.. And also I have a book review that I'm just so stuck on and the deadline is today. No time, luckily. Oh well, bye byye.

xoxo Elk

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