Wednesday, 1 September 2010

She's the X

So last year I lived together with this girl called Charlotte, and we had an awesome time but it just became too much of a "hanin' out" kinda existence for me. I didn't do my homework and I went late to bed because of all the haning out. And then she'd get sick and I'd had to bring her food all the time, plus she wouldn't do her part of the weekly cleaning which made me feel like I did everything. Which, of course - SUCKED. I started to hide out in my room and not answer her when she called and so on. It all ended up very grim, she became very angry and so did I, I just didn't bother to fight with her about it.

So this year she said to me "I've been very mad and sad, but I think we should just forget it all" and I really agree! And luckily for us, we don't live together this year. But only 2½ week into the new school year, I see this all happening again. Now grimmer! I love haning out with her, but not three times a day, every day! It 's too much. Today she wanted me to go with her to the local cafĂ© au lait to get some french fries, AS we have done the last 1½ weeks and I said "naah ah, not really" because, I really didn't! And while studying she comes to my room, knock on my window and she's like "hey can I borrow 50 cents"? Not that it's a problem that she wants to borrow a such small amount of money >.<'' It's just the whole I'M TRYING TO STUDY AND I'M REALLY LAZY SO DO OT INTERRUPT ME NO I DO NOT WANT TO COME WITH YOU part that annoys me. It's like a bad bromance! I swear, if this is going to start being a problem again I'll freaking...... Dom something really bad and bitchy >.<'' geez.

And now I'm just all irritated and most definently, not studying. I have an assignment for friday but it's only 200 words. Bah, well love ya'll xo Elk (:

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