Tuesday, 21 September 2010


How do you rank prestige? Who is most prestigious, the doctor or the garbage collector?
I know what you're thinking, the doctor of course. And YES I really do see why the doctor should be able to harvest prestige for his hard work and long education, but what about the garbage man who collects garbage EVERY SINGLE day? Of course it all depends. It depends on what do YOU, as a person, a single individual rank most, high education or hard physical work. I think it's just as hard to keep a job as garbage man, as it must be go get a job as a doctor. You might not think about it, but both jobs have crazy hours. Alright. Maybe doctor vs. garbage man was a bad example, but what I really want you to think about is that both jobs are hard jobs, even though you don't think about it. In this problem definition this question also presents itself; is it what you think, or is it what the society thinks? I really do think that we are influenced by the society than we know, and that we WANT to know. But hey, what do you think?

- xo Elk

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