Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Grossest desk sharer, EVER!

Hia, so I know that I haven't been blogging for some time. *bad me* and I really have no excuse.
Luckily none of my friends, friends really knows about this blog, so I'm very free to express myself as I please. And today, I do have a couple things I want to get off my chest.

I share desk (at school) with the probably, grossest person EVER! Gross, in that way that she's not REALLY gross and have tons of showable rolls, she doesn't have green slime running from her nose or anything. She's gross in that way, that she TRIES to kind of, hide, that she's really, REALLY gross! Ugh. It really doesn't that much to push my YUK-limit. Something as simple as filling the filling the dishwasher can be groundbreaking for me. So this is what she does:

1) Her looks, I know I know people can't do for it but UGH! First of all she looks like a little ugly furry beast, she has these really ugly bangs that totally cover up her face and makes her look even more pathetic than she already does. Her hair just seems too big for her tiny head, it looks like her hair weighs a ton and pushes her head down. She doesn't wear any makeup (which is cool) but her face is just annoying. She has really chubby cheeks that instead of being cute apple cheeks just run like slime down and gives her a fat neck. Plus she has this really big red spot/zit on her nose just in the corner. She ALWAYS wears a really big ugly knitted grey knitted monster, some really baggy jeans and ugly, UGLY, black big boots and it's just so SHOWABLE that she is trying to hide herself! (+ she doesn't wear a bra which I think is SO GROSS!!!!)

2)Stuff she does
a) I first found out that she was really gross, not on her unfortunate "I hide myself" style, but from her scratching herself in the crotch, UNDER THE PANTS IN CLASS, sometimes smelling her fingers afterwards! EEEEEEEEEEEEEWW! And she looks around, really like "alright, go ahead NO ONE'S LOOKING". How gross is that?
b) Nose picking! You know how people who wants to be anonymous sometimes gets one of those black long lines across their eyes? Well this girl does, kiiiiinda the same trick. She holds up her hand across her nose and stuffed her long gross finger right up there. Oh yeah, and then she just shovels ahead. And she does a-fucking-lot! I've even seen her eat it xS *I'll die!*
c) Spot on the nostril. As mentioned, she has a red spot/zit on one of her nostrils and she just won't leave it the fuck alone! She presses it and dabs it with all kinds of cleaning tissues.
d) General behavior. When she isn't interested in what we do in class she smacks her lips together, like eating with and open mouth. Plus, I don't know what the FUUUUUUCK's going on but she makes sounds like pressing all the air out of your cheeks so it makes that bubbly sound, and apparently she exercises her breath or she's just ANNOYING LIKE SHIT by having the most irritating breath, and pressing on her nose so the air only will come out of on nostril. And when she talks, it takes her 10 minuets to say a freaking sentence!

3) Apparently, what I didn't know that she does is that's she's a GIANT STALKER/STARER. Several of my friends have said after they saw her on the class photo that's she's been deliberately following them and staring at them. Luckily, she never followed me, but she sure does stare!

4) She's in love. There's this other really geeky, but (sometimes)nice guy that she's sooooo in love with! AND IT SHOWS! Just, just ugh.. Grow up! I mean how old is she?!? She just behaves like it's a young sweetheart crush, she listens to ALL he says, she tries to be SOOO funny and ugh.

5) Jesus I could go on. Well, do you kind of get it? SHE'S GROSS AND WEIRD AND SHE SITS RIGHT NEXT TO ME JESUS I'LL DIE! She once breathe me right into my face I LITERALLY had to move away!

Well, I guess know saying that a bunch of guys longer down the hall pisses me off by screaming and stomping all the time. I really just wanna bash their heads into the wall. But hey, I'd rather sit next to someone else on school >.<''
xo Elk, please. Feel pity for me! /;

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