Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hey ya'll guys. I just remembered how much I love to blog! Seriously, I'm crazy about that shit. I could sit all day and blog about all that crazy shit I didn't do because I was bloggin'! But yo, hey. Here's some random facts about me:

My favorite show is Friends and CSI: Las Vegas.
I'm not really sure what my favorite movie is, but I saw Benjamin Button yesterday and I cried my eyes out. It was awsome!
My favorite actor is Sean Connery. (How can he be old and still sexy?)
My favorite actress is Milla Jovovich!
The 1st thing I think when I wake up in the morning is that it's all a dream and the morning is a lie.. I get very disappointed when I realize the truth!
My motto is never to do something you can't stand up for afterwards.
I stay true to Converse All Stars forever <3
I'm hard to shut up.
I'm a bit neurotic.
I read alot and review books.
I prefer to be behind the camera, not that I don't want my picture taken, just that I really enjoy photographing (:
In the morning I always tell myself that I'll go to bed early and/or sleep after school, I never do because at that time I'm fresh as a fiddle.
I think that the danish summer is wonderful.
I think that I often get worn-out.
One big lie I tell myself alot is that tomorrow's gonna be different.
I laugh at myself laughing, and then start laughing HYSTERICALLY because I laugh at my own laughter.
I scream when other people scream, this is also valid in the movies and the theater - it's very embarrassing!
I'm neurotically organized about my bed and desk.
I think I'm too cheap.
I once met a guy I had been chatting with online, that was awkward!
When I can sleep I just keep laying in bed because I'm so stubborn - luckily I then fall asleep.
The greates french fries I've ever had was from Café Au Lait just around the corner from me, uhmm yummy!

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