Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Books: The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon review

Christopher suffers from aspergers syndrom which is a lighter from of autism. He doesn't like the colours yellow and brown, he can't eat his food if it touches anything else on the plate and he loves dogs. One night he finds the neighbors dog Wellingtong dead and decides that he wants to figure out who killed him. His dad, on the other hand is not too happy about this idea but that doesn't stop Christopher. He ends up unsolving more mysteries than he thought there was.

The Plot
Christopher finds the dog Wellington dead, and he wants to write a book. Specifically a crime book. He likes crimes because there are certain leads to follow and other leads not to follow. In his book he wants to write about the investigation on Wellington's murder. Christopher's father is NOT into this idea and gives him many orders on NOT to try and solve the murder. Christopher's mind is like a recorder, he remembers every single little 100% detail, like a recorder that sees everything and he figures out ways to keep investigating without disobeying his fathers orders. Everything he figures out, he writes in his book. But one day his father finds his book and hides it away. Christopher is very keen on getting his book back since it says all the clues that he's found and starts looking. Even though he is not supposed to enter his fathers room he does it anyway and finds his book, together with alot of un-opened letters addressed to him. It turns out that the letters is from his mother who is not dead at all, even though his father told him that she was. Instead of getting angry, Christopher get's sad. He also figures out who killed Wellington and he decides to runaway from home and go live with his mother. But it's not an easy thing for Christopher to travel alone to London, not knowing here anything is located and all he's got to lead him being an address.

My opinion
The list of books that has been able to make me cry is actually very short, before I read this book it had only one title on it, but when I finished it had to titles on it. If it was because I had a headache while reading, I don't know but I know I cried. This book is amazing, it's 100& truth, 100% metaphor-free and 100% aspegers. The amazing thing about this book is that even though it's written without any sense of humor, or a big pompous language with fine words that rolls on the tongue it is written completely amazing, and even though the plot of this book might not seem so wild the book is still exciting and on top of that you get a much better view of how a brain that suffers from autism works. When I closed this book I thought "oh my God, is that really how it feels?" I myself has a friend with aspegers syndrom though he's condition is not as bad as described in the book, but if what it says in the book even comes NEAR to how a brain with autism really works, it would make the book the autistic bible for uncomprehending! I don't know how the writer managed to write a book that seems like a dull and boring book and blow light into it like Disney's Tinkerbell and her sparkly dust.

The writerMark Haddon grew up in England where the book also takes place. He's great knowledge of how the autistic brain functions come from his work with autistic children. "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" has won prizes too. Mark Haddon has written other books as well mainly for younger people.

It's hard to tell which exact things that makes this book as good as I really think it is! It's strong, it's honest, it's understanding and it's exciting. If you see this book on display at your nearest library take my word on it and bring it with you home. I'm sure that of you want to learn a little or just read a different and exciting book you will not regret!

I hope you guys liked the review, stay tuned for more + I did not edit this translation, I'm too lazy (^^,) xo Elk

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