Monday, 9 August 2010

17 and blindness

Hiiia guys. So what you might not know, is that I'm secretly planning on publishing a short story collection. (Which first of all mean I need to write one ^^,) which is actually going very well.. Writing it anyway. Today I printed it so I can keep in my folder, so that I can read the stories and edit them whenever, wherever I feel like it or I see something that I want to be changed. So I just printed it, and it's 17 pages so far. Considering that my stories actually are very short, that is alot. ^^

I've been getting alot of comments on my facebook statuses lately, which presumeably is a good thing (; *wink*, but one of them was from, I guess you'd call it "and old friend", and frankly I wasn't too happy about it. It's not that we had a fight, or something like that. I'm just disappointed. We are, and have always been really, incredibly great friends. Like sisters who understood each other. But when she went away (change of school) we would never meet up anymore. I have a picture of her hanging on my door. She's a poster child (; and we've once mixed blood. Not that is was very successful, but we did it and I guess that it's always meant something to me. It's probably a combination of going down memory lane, and listing to this soul-y track that my heart skips a beat and I can feel my tear ducts vibrating. Holding the tears back, tipping my head and smiling a crooked smile. I really miss her, yes. I've always looked up to her. But not seeing her makes me lose respect. I simply can't respect that we've both not found the time to get together. I wish we could see each other every day as we used to do. But that's the consequence of time. Time makes us grow older and then it tares us apart and lead us away from each other. Yeah sure, I have other great friends. But you know.

So now. Well yeah I'm mad at her. I choose to be, after all it's easier to be mad at her than crying over not seeing her. And she doesn't know, is she blind? Nah. I didn't show. Then it's easier for her too (: I know she keeps an eye on me. She always did and I really like that. It makes me feel that she never really forgot me. Maybe she'll know I didn't forget her either <3

xo Elk, by the way finished reading "Leda". (Greek mythology is crazy as f**k!) and "The curious case of the dog in the night", damn I'm such a book eater!

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