Thursday, 6 January 2011

Who's most important?

So, I've noticed lately that people have been speaking to me, and the someone else spoke to that person WHILE I was talking. What then happens is that the person I talked to just starts to talk to that other person and just drops the conversation. What's up with that??! Is my conversation not important enough or something? Thats odd. And it's started to happen more and more. That is by far the weirdest thing ever. Now how I normally handle that type of conversation is that I talk to someone, then someone else starts talking to me I hold my hand up in front of them so they'll stop talking, but still know that I want to hear what they have to say afterwards.

So today has been kind of weird. I felt incredibly tired after the last classes we had today so I went home and read on in "Perfect Chemistry" by Simone Elkels. I love the story its amazing, well written, exciting and sweet. It makes me smile and fills my heart with love. But when I close the book it reminds me off how messed up my mind has been lately. I really REALLY like Nicklas I do! But I don't know whether I'm actually in love with him or if I'm just being really weird and confused. I'm so tired and confused of thinking about it, it depresses me more to work it out than it makes me happy. Maybe is not that, that takes my energy away. I've been really tired this week and had to write into my dayplanner to have 'TIME OF MY OWN RELAXING' because I used ALL of my energy last monday which just resulted in me being tired and easily annoyed and this whole changing class thing is kind of tearing my energy. And my friend told me a really horrible new last night so I'm terribly worried about her and want to support her as good as I can!

Right well today after school I was washing my laundry and I'm sure someone tried to kill me!

These icepicks were hanging on the building AND over the door.. Ugh! Creepy. I know the don't show up very big on the picture, and I must admit I'v seen bigger but they were still pretty creepy... And sharp!

Oh yeah! Note to self, put more pictures on blog.
- Elk

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