Thursday, 13 January 2011


Damn. *smack* I've been struck by love, hard. I'm so gone in love. He is so amazing and happy and *sighs*. Sorry, I don't mean to bother anyone with the details, poor you. Today it was assigned which Americans is going to stay where. We're having an exchange class over in February and it's very exciting, I'm looking forward to it which is odd because I'm normally more withdrawn, but I guess love does crazy shit to you.

"It's obvious even to a blind man" a quote I stumbled over a last Monday when My friend Marie told me it. I love it, it's awesome.
A matter of fact the boy I'm in love with has just entered my room. I had to turn my screen. Omg.. He makes me so happy goddamnit!! I'm reaching the point where I'm kind of tired telling my friends that I'm in love. It's just, every time I tell them, maybe because I've just been with him and I go really happy they always say to me "tell him" or "get him drunk and start flirting really hard" and if I say I just wanna kiss his sugar soft lips they go all like "I just wanna kiss him" they always say "then do it!". AND YOU CAN'T JUST DO IT!!!!! That's just not how it works, at least that's not how it's ever worked for me.. Anyways they say (my friends) that it's obvious even to a blind man that I'm crazy about him and the other way around.

I've been really filled with happiness from hanging out with him this afternoon so I just danced around listening to really loud music on my MP3 and had the funniest time ever. I swear I danced and rocked so hard the temperature rose and it stank like sweat. I can't wait 'till tomorrow, I'm going to sleep over at my friend Marie's house. Can't wait 'till the 21st January where there's a party. I really can't wait to just get a drink, laugh my ass off with the girls and have a good time with my homeboys. Can't wait 'till I go to sleep so that I can dream of kissing.. With Nicklas :D

Gotta slide xo Elk :)<3

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