Sunday, 16 January 2011


Ouch. I've been hit so hard. Hit with love, just one big bitch slap right across my face. We hang out all the time and touch each other (non-dirty places)and sometimes we're so close to kissing it hurts. I had my shot today, why I did nothing I don't know. Fml (fuck my life). I want to text with him all the time and be with him all the time but we can't of course and I don't want to seem really needy and desperate. I go all melancholic when he's not here :(

I have haooy news though *yaaaay*. I was at Marie's pad this weekend, it was aweesome and we baked the most awesome chocolate cupcakes, yummy! Also we played some kind of singstar game and I totally failed ;D her father videoed us soo, just waiting for that to pop up on youtube going viral. "Danish girls sing false, ROFL". Also my favorite rapper is coming out with a new album in February so reaaaaaly looking forward to that! Also today I was with my roomie and her mother to some kind of drawing course, it was soooo coool :D here's some pics.

That's my roomie drawing. She's awfully good to be honest.

That's my roomie holdning up my unfinished drawing of Mike from Monsters Inc. (Still haven't finished it, but have intentions to)

That's Winnie The Pooh drawn by the teacher.

Also check out that awfully scary pig sculpture outside of the house where the course was hosted. THAT WAS REALLY SCARY! It's face looked like that (picture) and it was human size dressed in a trench coat. On it, the plate said something with "fear this bla bla". Spooky!

So on friday I'm going to a party with LOVELY PEOPLE from my old school! :D girlfriends yeeeah ;D and some other also extremely awesome people from old school. We're having like a re-union a couple of times a year because we party really awesome :)
I know for a fact that my ex is coming, and presumeably also my OTHER ex, so for me it's going to be like a "se your old friends and every ex boyfriend you've ever had" party, aaaaaawesome. Anyway, I have this really crazy wish to score my FIRST ex (as I've mentioned a couple of times). Don't think I'm cheap because I think I've actually figured out why! *yaay* my hypothesis is that because I'm crazy in love with Nicklas (and not really getting anywhere) I need to feel a bit of success or just some letting out some energy, and apparently this is going to go out on my ex. To be honest I'm pretty sure I can score him because at every party there's been we've been fliritng really bad and been close to, DOING stuff but the only thing that had stopped me was that I would not let him get the satisfaction of seeing me cheat on my boyfriend like I did with him. Now, there's nothing stopping me, not even being in love. I'm stills single and I have a craving to let out some steam! I rarely say this, but I'm looking SO much forward to getting really drunk and doing crazy shit. I'll give a report when the party's over. Wish me luck, and don't judge.

- xo Elk

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