Sunday, 23 January 2011

Party report

Hia, so the party is oveeer. It ended Saturday, but for me it ended Friday. Here's the party report, but before the actual report, here's the attendants:
Astrid, Line, Sahra, Benedickte = beeest friends :)
Louise = one of best friends but has changed alot and I don't like being around her when she's drunk.
Johan, BT, Jonathan, Thomas, Simon = random friends.
Niclas = ex boyrfriend 1
Froob = ex boyfriend 2
Kasper = host of the party

I picked up my friend Louise at the station, when we arrived at the party of course it was the exactly same time as Froob arrived. One thing is seeing you ex for the first time after you've broken up, another is seeing his parents. Urgh, awkward! My other friends haven't arrived yet and things are so awkward at the start of a party (for me at least), I like to just get a drink and then people start to relax more. Anyway, after the tense start it was really cosy! As usual, Louise finds some boy to throw herself at (this time Jonathan), I just loved seeing the girls again and chit chatting, dancing to awesome beats and haning out with my best friends! It was really quite touchy and overwhelming to have old friends (Johan and BT) come up to you and be like "it's so good to se you, I've really missed you! I really, REALLY have". Froob had turned out to be really gangstaaa, no hair on his head, a cap and really REALLY baggy pants. When I saw him, I was really really happy I had broken up because UGH! My friends also say that he'd turned really stupid. Seeing Niclas was weird, I know I had planned on scoring him, but I didn't really try actually, I was well satisfied with just having a great time with friends. One guy I could have scored though was Kasper. Kasper is a really nice and adorable friend who loves to hug me. I love to hug him as well :) when we go drunk at these parties everyone just loves eachother and kisses on the cheeks drops like water on a rainy day. Apparantly Kasper got a little TOO drunk and a little TOO lovey and tried to kiss my ear and neck. Also I found out that he'd been grabbing my ass all night, which I didn't realize 'cause I was drunk as well. But the kissing me on neck and ear, that was just wrooong! Poor fellow, he was actually so drunk that he made coffee in an empty chips bag with cold water. He drank it as well, gross! He missed over half the party 'cause he was so drunk he fell asleep. Froob had his own fun trying to.. Wel to be honest, I have no idea was he was trying to do, but he had also been grabbing several of my friends' asses and told Astrid (who's only 13) that she was next. He also tried to flirt really hard with Louise. BT asked me if it didn't bother me, and to be honest it really didn't. I just didn't think he could sink so deep, really really not good style of him. Later on the evening I started to get bad vibes. I always hate waking up the next morning at those parties, so I fled home to Sahra (who had ALL my friends sleeping over as well, minus Louise) where we watched a movie and slept over when the party had died out.

I realized how much I really like Nicklas, and you can't just expect something to happen or try to rush it. I think it's going to be a really tough week in school next week, we also have alot of assigments to turn in and so on. I'm so tired, I desperately need a bath and my neck is all stiff. Parties uses alot of my resources and I miss Nicklas. I just want to go back to school and hang out with hiiiim. Oh well. BYYYYYYYYYYE :D - Elk

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