Thursday, 20 January 2011

Freedom of speech

He's never been in lover. Never, EVER. Who am I talking about? Nicklas ofc (of course). That might explain a whole lot. I feel fine about it really, I'm more relaxed now because I don't expect him to fall madly in love now, 'cause he never has. Actually it kind of relives me.

I haven't been eating as much for the past couple of days and tonight I ate a normal portion and my stomach hurts really bad 'cause I'm not used to it xD
Anyway, what I actually want to talk about today is loyalty. I've always been a very loyal person, to friends, boyfriends, family etc but there are just some times where you really REALLY feel like you need to be extra loyal! For instanse, one of my friends is getting an abortion and when she found out she asked me to go with her (in the biting cold) when I was laaaaazy and buy alcohol (which isn't allowed on school premises) and even though I was doing something else, OF COURSE I went! She needed me. And don't say everybody would do that, 'cause she asked another friend of hers that was fully aware of the situation who said no. I have another friend who something awful happened to last night and I told her, no matter what she could come to me, she could count on me to sleep on the floor so that she could get my bed. I think that it's in the really hard times you know your friends. I think it's important to be loyal. Next to love, loyalty and trust are the most important things in life, but loyalty and trust is also some of the biggest parts of love.

I'm so nervous I could puke! Maybe that's really why my stomach hurts? I'm going to this party (I've been talking about) tomorrow where some of my ex-boyfriends, all of them actually (only 2 >.<'') is coming as well. Luckily I'm not one of those girls who goes all crazy about that and HAS to look INCREDIBLE and sexy. I'm extremely nervous, yes, but I also know it's going to be great time because my 1st ex and I always talk like great friends when we get a little drink, despite of what's happened. AND ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS ARE COMING!!!! I haven't seen them for FAR too long so I really miss them and look forward to just chillin', talking, drinking and smoking :D I think the whole thing with friends is weird, no no I mean OLD friends. Because right now where I am, I have awesome friends, but there will always be something incredibly special about OLD friends, remember the good OLD times? ;)
I think that in the start of getting back together it's a bit weird, because all of you have changed but then when some time has passed it's like the good old days :D Omg. I'M LOOKING SO MUCH FORWARD TO IT!

Anyway, I've gotta do a math assignment for tomorrow :) cya l8er, xo Elk

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