Thursday, 6 January 2011

Delete that ex!

Hia. So I guess breaking up is always hard. Especially if you've been really close, if you hung out all the time and you have all of your things around all over you partners place or you've got alot of your partners stuff laying everywhere. Maybe you even got some great gifts from that partner. And then you break up. How should you deal with these things, laying around just reminding you of the times that used to be. I guess I'm the weird one here, most people would just say throw out the gifts you got, but I don't know. I've kept them all. I wasn't too many though ;). For instance my last ex boyfriend gave me a pillow and a scarf, and whenever I had it I felt really close to him. But then we kind of fell apart and I didn't really feel close to him anymore when hugging the pillow, to be honest it took me about a week or so to remember it was even the pillow he gave me. I wondered whether I should throw it away or keep it. I decided to keep it. The hardest things to do with exes for me is the pictures you have of each other. But with my latest ex, it doesn't seem hard for me to delete them. A matter of fact I haven't been too sad about it at all and I reckon that I just stayed in a relationship for two years that and to when we were just to weeks in it was crap.

Now with my very first ex, Niclas, it's something entirely different. Niclas meant an awful lot to me and he gave me a necklace with a heart on it and a silver ring. I stopped wearing it when we broke up, but recently I started wearing the ring again. Also the pictures, the really cute, tender and beautiful pictures I have of us, I just can't seem to delete. I've been thinking about this ever since we broke up, that it was a mistake and I don't know if I've come over him yet. Lately I've actually been thinking about scoring him again. Getting back together with him puts a smile on my face.

Generally I'm just really confused at the moment. There's this guy who's come into school this year, his name is Nicklas. (Yes I know :s ) aaaaanyway he's really adorable and I'm crazy about him. Now, I wrote 'crazy' because I'm confused of how I feel about him. He's really great and awesome and all that and I notice us teasing each other all the time and me acting really.. Puppy-in-love-ish when I'm with him. But when I'm on my own and just sitting in my room thinking, I don't know if I have a crush on him.

Oh well, gotta slide, it's cleaning day at school today.
- Elk

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