Saturday, 10 March 2012

Makeup: Masquerade

Hi guys. At my school we have an annual ball for the boarders. Every ball is themed and this year it's a masquerade ball. I figure I'll just wear my semi-galla dress which I also wore for my 1st school year ball/prom thing. Anyway, the ball is on the 20th of April, and when I heard the theme I went ecstatically exited. A fantastic opportunity for crazy make-up, nails, hair and the works. I think I'll buy a really cool wig, make some crazy fake nails and instead on making/buying a mask I'll make one with make up instead. So, I've been trying a couple of different masquerade looks and I'll keep trying some for the time to come. Here are two pictures of the make-up I put on yesterday and the day before yesterday.

This is my first attempt at doing lace-make-up, ever. I quite liked how it turned out but it looks a little too.. Drab in my opinion.

This on the other hand I'm crazy about! I think I might do this for the ball, but I have to try some more looks.

Here is a more dramatic picture. This is of course all due to editing ;)

If you feel like you've seen this look before, it's probably because you have. I followed this tutorial:
by Klaire de Lys, she is really really fantasticly skilled with make-up and she makes the best costume make-up I've seen on youtube. Since I didn't have the net she uses I just added some glitter stuff and I didn't have fake lashes or silver eyeliner so I just improvised a little.

- Elk

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