Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nails: Bloooooood!

Hi guys. I'm currently reading a blog whose written by a super cool Swedish goth mom! She really inspires me alot and I love reading her blog. Even though I'm not goth myself, I think the style is fantastic and so so beautiful! She inspired me to do these blood dripping nails! (even thought they're not really dripping..)

These nails are super easy to make, just paint your nail any colour you want. (I do recommend a light colour to contrast the red and make it more visible). Take a red polish and kind of just splatter in on/paint it on real messy like blood! These nails are perfect for any alternative style, crazy costumes or Halloween.

But hey! Are you interested in knowing who I was talking about in the begging of the post? Yes I know you are! So here's a link to her blog: http://adorabatbrat.blogspot.com/
Please check her out, she's really cool! She also has a youtube channel.

- Elk

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