Sunday, 26 February 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL

From faint to vibrant!
First off, a little demonstration. I used the colour no. 35 called "real red".

This is what my hair looked like before dyeing it. Now, I just want to say that the colour was before I started was EXACTLY the same, just faint.

(This is obviously how someone looks when their hair-colour has gone faint.)

So the dye works like all other at-home-hair-dyes I guess. Mix the tubey thing with the other thing, shake it up, apply and wait.

(Now this is obviously how someone whose hair-colour has gone faint is waiting for their hairdye to dye their faint hair.. Duuh!)

And this is the finished result when the hair has dried. Do excuse my lazy eye on the first picture, I don't know why it does that it just sometimes does.

SO - as you can see (hopefully) there is a very big difference in the colour on those pictures. That is definitely one thing I LOVE about this hair dye, the awesome colour! But sadly, it's also THE ONLY thing I like about this hair-dye. I hate everything else...
It faints super quickly, in only weeks my hair will start to looks dull and faint again. This colour actually washes out so much and so quickly that when I wash my hair and dry it with my towel, I will stain my towel red with hair dye. And NO, it's NOT because I didn't wash it out right, it's because of the poor quality of the hair dye. So you get awful staying power, stained towels and possibly clothes.

I have used this hair dye alot, ONLY due to the colour but lately I have become so tired of it that I've decided to choose a hair dye from another brand where the red might look more natural and boring, but at least stay better. Also alot of really bad allergic reactions has been reported from people who've used this hair dye. So I definently do not recommend this, you're money is better spent elsewhere.

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