Monday, 20 February 2012

Makeup: Confronting my Wet 'n Wild palettes!

Hi guys. I am a big Wet 'n Wild lover. They're products are really good quality and they're very affordable!
I've got a couple of Wet 'n Wild palettes and I love the good quality of the shadows BUT every time I've tried to create looks with them it's failed utterly.
SO - I decided to confront my palettes and sat down on a dark dark night to make them work for me!
These are the two palettes in question. (Left) "I got good jeans" and (right) "Pride".
Here are the looks!

This palette is the one where there are printed into the shadow "lid, crease and browbone". I did more or less follow those "instructions" but I found that when I used the grey/silver shadow it looked very very bad! So instead I used the grey/silver shadow as an inner tear-duct highlight and under my lower eyelashes.

Now, this is the look i created with the Pride palette, my favorite indeed! Not much to say really..

I recently bought a new palette from Wet 'n Wild and have tried playing around with it a bit, so hopefully I'll soon shoot some pictures using that palette to show you :)
ALSO I want to apologize ALOT of my lack of blogging - NOT OK! But I've been having major computer issues and haven't been able to add pictures to my posts which is a bit sad when I want to show you guys something.

- xoxo Elk

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