Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Haul: Winter holiday 2012

Hi guys, last week it was winter holiday so I went home to my parents. I also bought a little something at H&M while I was there and some random stuff today i Lidl.
- Let's get started!

Random things first. I went to Lidl today (Lidl is a supermarket which originates from Germany) and bought this handcreamm it was very cheap and I'm kind of running out so I thought I'd try it out.

Here's a deodorant Aldi (another supermarket), I bought it mainly because I needed one and this one says "gut", simply meaning good ;)

These books were SO CHEAP! Seriously! Like 3 dollars, 1,5 pounds, whatever your currency is it's insanely cheap! And considering how expensive books are in Denmark I feel like I stole these!

He he he.. Sleek laughter! This is exactly what it looks like.. Salad seeds and a bowl. YES I AM going to plant salad, in a bowl, in my room, on boarding school.. It's just an experiment :)

I bought these Green Tea Arizona drinks 'cause I've never tasted them and I'm curious, but mainly because of the pretty and practical bottles. I have very high bottle-standards ;) they have to measure less than 20 centimeters and the plastic must be hard but still kind of softy. This is because there is a 20 centimeter space between my tap and the bottom of my sink, so taller bottles won't fit and the hardness of the plastic is just for security of not getting water all over my bag when I put it in my schoolbag.

Now for the, possibly more, interesting things. I bought this shirt at H&M, I feel quite flowery and ready for summer now ;)

And this.. Beautiful beautiful thing.. I feel fantastic when I wear it, it's insane. My mum was kind enough to by this for me. Pictures are from the official H&M website.

These were the original reason that I wanted to go to H&M. I got so inspired by PiinkSparkles' perfume collection video and noticed that I actually don't own any body sprays/splashes/mists myself. SO I saw these on the website, went to the store, smelled them, loved them and bought the. THESE SMELL SOOOO GOOD! The pink one is Guava and Fig, it smells super nice and yeah.. PINK, really, it smells pink! The green one is Cucumber and Pear and smells super nice like pear and has the lovely freshness of the cucumber.

The white one is White Blossom and it doesn't say anything else than that aaand.. I can't really identify which flower it is.. But it's very fresh, not to keen on it, think it has weird note but. Still OK. The black one on the other hand, MY GOSH, it's called Black Vanilla and that's really all it is. True, black, rich vanilla. No other weird scents just pure lovely vanilla - this is the best artificial vanilla scent I've ever smelled!

Lastly for some Wet'n'Wild cosmetics. The 8 pan Petal Pusher eyeshadow palette and single blush in Heather Silk. Will defiantly review the blush, it's very special..

Hope you have an awesome time, I have tons of ideas for new posts so stay tuned!
- xoxo Elk

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