Thursday, 15 March 2012

The day today

Hi guys. I have absolutely nothing planned for this post, other than just telling you a little about my day.
Today I went to school after 5 days of being sick. It sound disgusting but it's just that I get all this slime in my throat everytime I get sick and it makes it really hard for be to breathe. Sometimes it's worse than others, sometimes I'm chained to my bed an going to the bathroom feels like running a marathon, but this time wasn't too bad. But after 3 days in my room, solo all day and only being with people in the afternoon and evening, not seeing anyone else than just 1 of my friends drove me insane - I HAD TO GO TO SCHOOL!

Remember those cute fluffy white slipper-booties I posted a picture of in my Stockholm haul? I love them soo much, so fluffy and comfy. I feel so cute when wearing them. Anyways, since they are white there is one MAJOR bad thing about them... White doesn' stay white for long! They now look like I've worn them at work to a coal mine. Black black black, no really.. The disgusting kind of black so you just really can see that they're incredibly dirty. I asked my dad about if I might be able to clean them in the washing machine and they'd survive, he said not. I asked about dry-cleaning, he said no again. I belived him for a while but now they've gone so gross that I'd rather just try to wash them and they'd like get bent out of shape trying than wearing those gross dirty booties. Wish me luck with washing them!

On Saturday I'm going to my friend Marie's house with two other friends from our class and we're going to cook some goodie food and just have a good time. I think it's going to be great! I'm looking SO much forward to going home this weekend and see my parents. Miss them :(
Luckily I get ALL of Monday to myself to walk around the house and bake delicious cakes! (My dad always complains about dirty dishes when he's home, that's why I like to have it to myself.)
Anyways, I get all of Monday because those who have maths on B level (we have levels A, B and C. A for three years, B for two and C for one year.) have big rehearsel exam test all days so normal class is cancelled, and I'm a math C so I get the day off :D

I wore my favorite dress today :3 the cute blue one from H&M which I hauled recently as well. LOVE IT! Perfect for my body type, I'm a real biggie and need some cute contouring to emphasize the only good thing about my shape - hourglass. I love that dress, my best buy fo ages! On the other hand I'm not doing so well on the flowery shirt I bought. A bit too tight for my comfort :(

Hmm... I could go on rambling but I bet I'd just tire you.. So.. See ya.. Bye :)
And goodnight! Sleep well, I say this because it's 23:10PM here and I'm in bed just bloggin' before bed.. So.. Goodnight :D

- Elk

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