Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My day: Friends and exes

Hia guys.
In my last post I was talking about my ex who I'm angry at. Apparantly he and my "friend" are dating and have been for a week. That matches up with her asking me Thursday when we came home from New York if it was okay that she and he "had a thing". I answered her with saying no, because he is a prick.
When I finally (and by coincidence) was told that they were actually dating I couldn't figure out what to feel. Sad og angry? At her or him? I brought to her attention that I now knew the fact, she hasn't contacted me - it was last friday, it's tuesday now. I wasn't hurt before, just bitter and frustrated. Now I stalked her Facebook page seeing pictures of her I haven't felt so bad for a long time actually. I look at her, look at all her features. The friend I once connected with happy times, a good spirit, an inner flame, a beautiful and happy appearance has now decay. (Am I using that verb right?) Bad thourgh and through and I'm feeling sick. I thought that when you broke up you weren't supposed to get hurt anymore? The horrible thing in this case is, if he hurt me again I'd be prepared, he's and ass and my ex, they're supposed to be asses but your friends. I just wanna... Slap her, right across the face. I wouldn't mind if they just disappeared, out - away - gone! The sad thing here is, I'm forced to deal with it even though I don't want to.

I am also forced to finish my assignment in Society and social studies.*barfs* It's really really bad. Our teached has no brain, eaten by zombies I think, otherwise no other explanation for his complex and quite confusing explaining. I'd like to see another teached do his assignment so he could get a wake-up call, he probably thinks we're stupid - WE AREN'T; YOU ARE!

- Elk

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