Friday, 7 October 2011

Makeup: Gorgeous gold

Hi y'all! Here's a picture of my make up today. It looks yellow because my camera enhances the colours a bit. Also I got a book from the library about make up and techniques, very excited! What I'm so so excited about though is that I keep getting spam mails from my ex' mail account, so I had to track him down and tell him to remove me from his mailing list, his reply? "I don't have you on my mail." Well obviously you dumb **** yes you do, he just decided not to answer. I texted my other ex, (whom I'm very good friends with and talk to daily) asking why all exes are so unbelievably annoying and a**holes, he, of course, took it personal. *sigh*
I'll never have anymore stupid exes, no more can't stand them.
Anyway - PICTURES!

I thought I'd this time snap a pic where I wear my glasses so you can see. If we try to think about which positive things happened today, Frederik (who I like very much) held the door for me and my friend and said "ladies" and then bowed like a gentleman - ooooh it's the little things!

P.S. just got CHOKED when my annoying ex texted me "so how are you doing these days?" why oh why...

- Elk

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