Sunday, 30 October 2011

Movie: The best, and the worst!

Hiaaa! So a couple of days me and my friend saw "Imagine you and me" and "Finding Neverland", if you've seen both of these movies I do hope you know what I mean when I say, the best and the worst!

The worst:
Wow.. Besides "Kill the supermodels" or whatever it's called, this is probably the worst movie I've ever seen. The concept is really good but the movie.. It's flat, boring, dull just uuugh. I really really don't recommend it, actually I warn you about it :s

The best:
Oh my God yes! I thought it was just a sucker-romantic movie, but this is awesome! It's so beautiful, the actors are playing really good and it's just great, through and through. If you wanna score, watch this movie with the object of your desire and exploit the sad, romantic and beautiful ending of this move - IT IS GREAT!

- Elk

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