Monday, 18 June 2012

Makeup: Piinksparkles everyday smokey eye

Heya to heyo people! Do you know Piinksparkles on YouTube? I have written about her in a previous post, she is definitely one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, she's super fun, nice, beautiful and inspiring! Today I followed her everyday smokey tutorial. 

There's the video if you're interested, I definitely recommend checking her out.

(It kind of looks like I have no pupils because of the lighting :D)

Mine didn't turn out as smokey as Sam's but it's still a hundred times smokier than what I usually wear ;)
(I also think it got washed out a little on the picture because of the light, more smokey in real life.)

 I really love this eye look because usually I look like a dork when I wear smokey eyes but I actually like this on me!

 Ciao sweethearts, have an awesome day!
 - Elk

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